Mountaineer visits Clyde River Cottage after summiting Mt Kosciuszko.

We have excellent guests staying at the Cottage for the past year. Todays guest is just that little bit special.
Makoto from Toykyo, Japan, is in Australia for a very brief visit. After flying into Sydney, he jumped into a car, drove to Jindabyne and climbed Mt Kosciuszko. Nothing special we must admit. However, this is just one of his “7 Summits” ambition – to climb the highest mountain on each of the earths continents.

Following this relatively easy Australian ascent, Makoto came and stayed with us here at Nelligen for a couple of days to rest up. He absolutely loved the peace and quiet and as I type, he is relaxing on the jetty – no doubt pondering his high altitude journey.

His progress on the 7 summits is very impressive.  To date his achievements are:

  • 2015 July. Mr Elbrus. Europe. 5642m
  • 2016 January. Aconcagua. South America. 6962m
  • 2016 December, Mt Vinson Massif. Antarctica. 4892m
  • 2017 February, Mt Kosciuszko. Australia. 2228m

Just three more peaks to complete:

  • 2017 March, Kilimanjaro. Africa. 5895m
  • 2017 April-June, Everest. Asia. 8848m
  • 2017 June-July. Mt McKinley. North America. 6190m

Apart from being very adventurous, Makoto is quite eccentric! Each day he climbs on a mountain, he wears a different pair of glasses. (He does own Glass shops – spectacles) in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Yet when I say different, I mean really different!Wearing some of Makoto's crazy climbing glasses in downtown Nelligen

We wish Makoto all the very best on his journey and thank him for choosing to stay with us. We really appreciated his company and enjoyed showing him a couple of local beaches, kangaroos and some of the wonderful coffee of Batemans Bay.

Peter is currently planning a couple of treks to Nepal. One is next March and involves a 17 day trek to Everest Base Camp. This trek will be highly challenging as it involves getting off the main “Everest Trekking Trail”. Or the standard classic Everest Base Camp which he hopes to operate in October or November, 2016. If you are interested in learning more or joining Peter on these treks, email him:

Makoto Hoshino enjoying a coffee at the Farm Gate Oyster shop in Batemans Bay

Enjoying coffee at the Farm Gate, Batemans Bay

Viewing the kangaroos at Depot Beach with Makoto Hoshino. 7 Summits Mountaineer

Visting some Aussie locals at nearby Depot Beach.